One of the joys of social media is that there is so much potential for inspiration. I am increasingly amazed by what people can express about human existence in less than 140 characters (Hello Twitter!). Sure, some of it is crap but I love that there are people out there using their Twitter accounts to […]

   Expectations can be such wicked things. Events rarely occur in the way that we imagine they will in the ‘dream-factory’ of our imaginations. The disparity between the expectation and then its outcome i.e. reality, is oft times quite disappointing. I’ve chosen this theme for this post, as I’m currently dealing with the post-Christmas blues. There […]

It’s a hectic time of year, tis Christmas time. One day it’s November and then all too soon, you find yourself waking up to Christmas cards in the letter box and requests for Secret Santa gifts at work. As an introvert, the festive season can be an almost overwhelming prospect. There are Christmas parties to attend […]

Yes, I was born in the 1980s, and of late, I’ve been having quite an enjoyable trip down memory lane. As the saying goes: “Everything old is new again” and there is no faster way for a girl to feel her age than to see teenagers in outfits that she wore when they were fashionable […]

It’s good to be intrigued by things in this world; I think it’s a sign that I’m still aware, still engaged, still alive….! Well, with this thought in mind (and I realise these may seem like random topics to blog about), here are two of my favourite intriguing things (or should that be: here are […]

I have to say that I admire and am usually inspired by people who have moved to a new career at some point during their working lives. As a child, I wanted to be a writer, a novelist but as yet this has not eventuated. I was the child who wrote endless stories, was dedicated […]

Being in the presence of adolescents always gets me thinking about my own youth, my ‘salad days’, as William Shakespeare coined them (always been a rather curious phrase to me, that one…). And, as I am a secondary school teacher, I often find myself transported back to my fourteen or fifteen year old self, which […]